Private Flight Experience
Join us on a private sunrise or sunset flight for you and a companion (limited to weight capacity restrictions). 

You will gently float over the beautiful Fox Valley countryside in our colorful balloon, Stratophoria, while waving and talking to the people who stop on the side of the road to take in the magic of the balloon floating overhead!

After landing we celebrate your amazing experience with non-alcoholic sparkling juice. You will also be presented with a personalized flight certificate! 

You are guaranteed at least 30 minutes of floating in the air, however it is rare for our flights to last less than 45 minutes and we normally fly for close to 1 hour! The entire experience of set-up, flight, pack-up and celebration lasts around 3 hours. 

Private Flight Experience Pricing: $900 

If you were rescheduled from a previous year or are a gift certificate holder please reach out to us to discuss scheduling your ride this year.

Tethered Flights
Perfect for weddings, and for corporate, church,  or private events!

Tethered flights are balloon flights in which the balloon is tethered to the ground while allowing for the balloon to lift off and then land in the same location multiple times. Tethered flights are a great way to give a large number of customers, members or guests the experience of being in a hot air balloon in a short period of time. Each flight lasts about 5 minutes and the basket rises 40-50 feet in the air above the crowd! Tethered ride events normally last 3 hours.  

Tethered Flight Event Pricing: Starting at $2500 ($750 non refundable deposit at time of booking, remaining balance due at time of event)

Static Displays
Static displays are a great way to draw attention to your event! People are drawn to the sight of a hot air balloon and will be drawn to your event as they come over to see our colorful balloon. We can attach a banner to the balloon with your organizations information on it. The balloon basket never leaves the ground during a static display.

Static Display Pricing: Please Contact Us For Pricing

Commercial Advertising
What better way to have your business or group recognized! Hot air balloons draw a lot of attention so why not use that to the advantage of your business. We can fly a banner on our balloon with your business or group name, logo or message on it. 

Please Contact Us For Pricing

Flight Instruction
We also can provide hot air balloon flight instruction and flight reviews. 

Please Contact Us For Pricing