Calm Sky Adventures LLC is a small, family owned, hot air balloon ride company serving the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area.

Calm Sky Adventures LLC was started in 2017 by us, Brenda and Mike Beck, to share our love for ballooning with others!

Brenda handles the operations side of the business and Mike pilots the balloon. Our kids Brandon and Autumn help with the set-up, chase and pack-up of the balloon. 

Brenda has always loved seeing hot air balloons and always wanted to go for a ride in one. Mike surprised her with a ride as an anniversary gift and both immediately fell in love with ballooning and the rest is history!

The Balloon:

Our balloon, “Stratophoria”,  is a colorful 77,000 cubic foot balloon and was manufactured by Firefly Balloons in North Carolina.

The balloon is made up of a rattan wicker basket and a polyester envelope. A burner uses propane to produce millions of BTU’s, heating the air inside the envelope allowing the balloon to fly.

Our balloon’s name, “Stratophoria” is a mashup of the words Stratosphere and Euphoria. 

Stratosphere – A layer of stable atmosphere, that lacks turbulence and is almost completely free of clouds and weather.

Euphoria – A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.


The Pilot:

Mike has been enthralled with aviation since childhood. Working aviation related jobs led to him getting his pilots license in 2004 and even building his own airplane. Mike has flown hundreds of hours in many different types of aircraft over the years. He enjoys continually adding new skills and ratings to his flying resume.

Mike holds a commercial lighter than air, hot air balloon certification, as well as multiple other FAA certifications, ratings and endorsements for fixed wing and unmanned aircraft. Mike is a very safety minded pilot and has never had any accidents or regulation violations in his many years of flying many different types of aircraft. 

Balloon Crew:

Without our ground crew we wouldn’t fly!

Our crew consists of family, friends and other people who want to experience the fun and excitement the ballooning world offers! 

If you are interested in crewing for us please check out our crewing page for more information!