The covid-19 virus has changed a lot of things in the world, including hot air balloon operations.

Even though it is difficult to maintain social distancing while ballooning we feel by offering only private flights and implementing this response plan we can still provide a great experience while reducing the risks associated with covid-19…elly/.

While we are still providing balloon rides to customers, we are implementing some precautions  to help keep our passengers, crew, landowners and by-standers safe. 

Our planned response to covid-19 is as follows:


  • Common/frequently touched areas of the balloon and chase vehicle will be sanitized after each flight
  • Although difficult in ballooning, we will maintain social distancing as much as possible


  • Passengers must notify us prior to their flight if they have a cough or fever. If a passenger has a cough or fever we will reschedule your flight no earlier than 14 days after their current reservation (we reserve the right to refuse to fly a passenger who appears sick)
  • Passengers must notify us prior to their flight if they have been exposed to anyone with a confirmed or suspected covid-19 case. If a passenger has had a known exposure we will reschedule their flight no earlier than 14 days after the current reservation date
  • We will not transport anyone other than the fare paying passengers and crew in the chase vehicle. Guests of the passengers who wish to follow along with the flight must follow in their own vehicle
  • Passengers should use hand sanitizer frequently (we will have hand sanitizer available)
  • Passengers will need to sign an acknowledgement and waiver stating they are free from any symptoms, have had no known exposures and accept the risks that are unique to ballooning and covid-19


  • Hand sanitizer is to be used frequently (we will provide hand sanitizer in the crew vehicle)
  • Crew members will not be allowed to crew if they are sick (cough, fever) or have had a known exposure to a positive or suspected covid-19 case