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General Info

The following application is to partake as a pilot in the 2023 Brighton Acres BBCubed Balloon Rally taking place on the evening of Saturday July 15, 2023 in Oshkosh, WI.

The event will consist of a flight and balloon glow, weather permitting. This will be a fun, laid back, no pressure event!

We will be operating in the Oshkosh Class Delta airspace. Special procedures will be in effect with Oshkosh ATC. These procedures are simple but require all participating balloons to carry an aviation radio and monitor the Oshkosh tower frequency.

Pilots will receive Show-up money, propane money, up to 5 meal tickets, chase and crew vehicle parking passes, event t-shirt and hotel room (if requested).

In order to avoid compensation issues with the FAA there will be a small, $10 entry fee. We will send participating pilots a PayPal invoice to pay the fee.

Please fill out all information to be considered for the event.

Note: We would appreciate for you to upload pictures of your pilot certificate (front and back), flight review logbook entry, balloon registration and airworthiness certificates, balloon annual inspection logbook entry and a pic of the balloon to speed up in person registration on the day of the event, so it might be beneficial to get those ready before starting the application. If you don't have these easily available at this time feel free to fill out the application and email them to me at a later date or bring them with you to the event.

We hope to see you there!

Mike Beck