Welcome to Calm Sky Adventures LLC!

With a blast of the burner the balloon takes to the air! You are now flying in a hot air balloon over the beautiful Fox Valley area.
We have no set flight plan or path, rather we peacefully drift along with the wind currents, waving and talking with the onlookers below who stop to take in the sight of the colorful balloon gently floating overhead.
We gain some altitude so we can have a birds eye view of the amazing sights the area offers.
We follow with some contour flying, skimming the tree tops and just touching the surface of a pond to create an amazing rippling reflection of the balloon in the water that makes for a picture worthy of framing!
After approximately an hour of flying we land, pack up the balloon and enjoy a post flight celebration with sparkling juice and reflect about the experience of our majestic flight and amazing experience!


About Us

Calm Sky Adventures LLC is a small, family owned, hot air balloon ride company serving the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area.

Calm Sky Adventures LLC was started in 2017 by us, Brenda and Mike Beck, to share our love for ballooning with others!

Brenda handles the operations side of the business and Mike pilots the balloon.

Brenda has always loved seeing hot air balloons and always wanted to go for a ride in one. Mike surprised her with a ride as an anniversary gift and both immediately fell in love with ballooning.

After some research and talking with other balloonists, we decided to buy our own balloon and start a business to share our joy of ballooning with others!

The Balloon:

Our balloon, “Stratophoria”,  is a colorful 77,000 cubic foot balloon and was manufactured by Firefly Balloons in North Carolina.

The balloon is made up of a rattan wicker basket and a polyester envelope. A burner uses propane to produce millions of BTU’s, heating the air inside the envelope allowing the balloon to fly.

Our balloon’s name, “Stratophoria” is a mashup of the words Stratosphere and Euphoria. 

Stratosphere – A layer of stable atmosphere, that lacks turbulence and is almost completely free of clouds and weather.

Euphoria – A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.


The Pilot:

Mike has been enthralled with aviation since childhood. Working aviation related jobs led to him getting his pilots license in 2004 and even building his own airplane. Mike has flown hundreds of hours in many types of different aircraft over the years. He enjoys continually adding new skills and ratings to his flying resume.

Mike holds a commercial lighter than air, hot air balloon certification, as well as multiple other FAA certifications, ratings and endorsements for fixed wing and unmanned aircraft.

Balloon Crew:

Without our ground crew we wouldn’t fly!

Our crew consists of family, friends and other people who want to experience the fun and excitement the ballooning world offers! 

If you are interested in crewing for us please check out our crewing opportunities page for more information! 



Private Flight Experience
Join us on a private sunrise or sunset flight for you and one or two companions (based on weight capacity restrictions). 

You will gently float over the beautiful Fox Valley countryside in our colorful balloon, while waving and talking to the people who stop on the side of the road to take in the magic of the balloon floating overhead!

After landing we celebrate your amazing experience with non-alcoholic sparkling juice. You will also be presented with a personalized flight certificate! 

The flight normally lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour! The entire experience of set-up, flight, pack-up and celebration lasts around 3 hours. 

Private Flight Experience Pricing:
Single person: $250
2 people: $500
3 people: $600
(3 person flights have limited availability, contact us for more info)


Engagement Flight Packages
This package is similar to our private flight experience, except our ground crew will go the extra mile to make your experience even more special! Our crew will place a banner under our flight path that reads “Will You Marry Me”, Upon her saying yes, we then unfurl a banner that hangs over the balloon basket that reads “She Said Yes!”

Our ground crew can also transport a small number of your family and friends to be at our landing site to share in the post flight celebration of your engagement! We will have a bouquet of flowers waiting for you at landing and you will each receive a champagne glass with our logo printed on it, as well as a personalized flight certificate following the post-flight celebration!

Our crew will take photos from the ground and the moment will be captured via our on-board camera(s) for you to remember this event for many years to come!

Just like our private flight experience, this flight also lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour with the entire experience of set-up, flight, pack-up and celebration lasting around 3 hours. 

Engagement Flight Experience Pricing:

Tethered Flights
Perfect for weddings, and for corporate, church,  or private events!

Tethered flights are balloon flights in which the balloon is tethered to the ground while allowing for the balloon to lift off and then land in the same location multiple times. Tethered flights are a great way to give a large number of customers, members or guests the experience of being in a hot air balloon in a short period of time. Each flight lasts about 5 minutes and the basket rises 40-50 feet in the air above the crowd!

Static Displays
Static displays are a great way to draw attention to your event! People are drawn to the sight of a hot air balloon and will be drawn to your event as they come over to see our colorful balloon. We can attach a banner to the balloon with your organizations information on it. The balloon basket never leaves the ground during a static display.

Commercial Advertising
What better way to have your business or group recognized! Hot air balloons draw a lot of attention so why not use that to the advantage of your business. We can fly a banner on our balloon with your business or group name, logo or message on it. 

Flight Instruction
We also can provide hot air balloon flight instruction and flight reviews. 

Please call or email us for details and pricing for static displays, tethered rides, commercial advertising and flight instruction.